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Winner of Superior Taste Award by International Taste & Quality Institute Certified For Afghan Saffron Superior Taste, Aroma, and Color

Saffron World Company is the highest rated saffron brand in the world. Saffron spice which is commonly known as Crocus Sativus, Saffron Crocus, Safron, Azafran and Zafran come in different saffron classifications such as All-Red Saffron or Sargol Saffron, and Cupe Saffron or Pushal Saffron. We believe that our customers deserve only the Finest Organic Saffron and the Best Saffron Price. We are dedicated to providing only the Highest Quality Saffron and 100% Pure Premium Saffron Spice to food dishes from all over the world. Saffron World products for sale include only the top classification of Afghan Saffron. Saffron World products contain only Natural and Organic Saffron with absolutely no chemical fertilizers or additives.

Only one ounce of saffron spice needs a lot of efforts, tough labor and picking more than 7,000 purple saffron flowers. The flower’s red antenna or sargol saffron must be picked by hands individually and then dried in best conditions. These procedures make saffron rare and make its mass production limited. Fortunately, only small amounts of saffron spice are required in cooking. It is also the most expensive spice in the world, weight for weight being worth more than gold and using it in any food make it a luxurious dish.

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Taste of Luxury


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I love the products we receive from you! Always top quality.


Excellent flavor, and easy to use in the traditional manner

Jason Heather

Fast ship. Great packaging. This saffron is wonderful. I'll be ordering again soon. Thank you.

Anthony Peters

This saffron came in a very nice re-useable nice glas jar and each thread was long and deep in colour. I did a test that I learned on YouTube to determine the quality of saffron and this brand passed all the tests. I will be ordering again and I do recommend this.

High speed and quality

Deep beautiful red and very fragrant. Cooked some basmati rice with a nice piece of this! ...this most beautiful yellow colour, delicious flavor, and aroma..again I say amazing quality and the customer service is outstanding.

Thank you

Flavor Forged in One of the World’s Harshest Climates

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